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Cyber Security course

Cyber Security and Network Security Online Training Program

Discover the fundamentals of Cyber Security. Gain the required knowledge, build your skills in this in-demand field, learn the emphasis of Cyber and Network Security in our day-to-day lives, and how you can better protect your digital life.

The Complete Python Programming Training

With a growing community around Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, Python is the key to all these fields. The best part is that Python is easy to learn, write, and understand, making it possible for every beginner to seek a future in this field.

Logical Reasoning and Aptitude

If you ever plan to appear in competitive exams, you need a strong hold on logical reasoning and mathematical aptitude. With this course, we train you to have a strong grasp of the field, and we do this with our exclusive training material and video lectures.

Business Administration and Analytics

Being acquainted with Business Administration and Analytics not only gives you a deeper understanding of the international business environment but also introduces you to practical, creative, vocational, and entrepreneurial directions.

The Complete Journalism Training Program

Reporting updates, interviewing personalities, working on major interesting projects and case studies, appearing in the news, who doesn’t want that? Who knew entering this insanely growing field of journalism would be this interesting with Early Seeker?

Personality Development Online Training – Hardwire your mind

Personality Development isn’t a destination. It’s a process. It isn’t something that you’d just need in the growing years of your career but throughout your entire life. It basically is a slab to your pillars of knowledge. 

Course Combo Packages

Computer Science Bundle

A combo of our two finest courses – Cybersecurity and Python in a single package with a reduced price of Rs 499

Personal Development Bundle

A combo of the two most interactive courses on our platform with a general recommendation for everyone.

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Education is the least changed part of our lives. Growing up in our academic years, we are only taught limited concepts, curated in such a way that barely leaves us for experimentation with our careers. 

On the other hand, students that have a zeal to do something extraordinary don’t have adequate learning resources. This makes them incompetent to possess the professional skills they need ahead.

At Early Seeker, we are trying to meet both ends and help our learners explore varied interests.

Our comprehensive platform is built with some of the most detailed courses and training programs. We equip you with skills that you need to explore the different dynamics and learning paths after your schooling years.









Why Early Seeker?

Multiple learning opportunities

Whether you are seeking a profession or just want to get started with something you love, we have the right learning options for you.

Learn with experts

Meet the most skilled instructors, who will not just comprehensively teach you, but also share their experience through videos, eBooks, quizzes, and discussions.

Exclusive Curriculum

Explore an insightful and diverse curriculum that’s curated to equip you with an exclusive skill set and help you set foot in any field.

In Collaboration with

Techniche, an IIT Guwahati bred platform recognizes Early Seeker as its brand partner. Each certificate provided to our learners (after the completion of any course) would be sealed and authorized by Techniche itself.

What our Students say

I opted for the Personality Development Program. My lack of confidence hurdled my communication with people. With the program, I started to overcome my problems with confidence and started exploring my abilities more. Thanks to the wonderful instructor Ms Writika, I have been in constant touch with her and am now trying to work on my leadership mentality.

Priya Agarwal

Personality Development Student

This is the first time I have attended a class in this format. To be honest, all the classes focused on practical approaches to Cyber Security and I learnt a lot over the course of the last two months. The instructor is very fun, interactive and knowledgeable and provided a wealth of information.

Waseem Basheer

Cyber Security Student

My curious nature just made me check out the program, and over the course of just one month, I learnt so much about self-reflection and building my confidence that I felt like I am a new person. Our instructor makes our class so interesting that I look forward to every session now. I haven’t missed any class till today and it is helping me in my overall development. Thanks to EarlySeeker for such a great program.

Srijali Biswas

Personality Development Student

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