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At Early Seeker, we are all about creating a change in the current learning dynamic around us. Our career-relevant programs help our students break the barriers of traditional learning and explore a vast field of learning and growing opportunities. 

We are a comprehensive learning platform that’s explicitly known for upskilling and familiarizing students with a variety of career paths and taking the next step for their future.

“We’re a tight-knit community of like-minds. We harbor students that aren’t willing to settle for the average”

Why did we start Early Seeker?

We are fully aware of the fact that there are a lot of e-learning platforms out there. We know that online learning has laid its roots globally and people have abundant options now. We’re aware of everything.

But how we made Early Seeker differently is by designing it for EVERYBODY!

As we were in the ideation process, we identified the most common problems in terms of learning online:

  • I want to learn something but don’t know where to get started.
  • I want to find my interests but don’t have enough resources.
  • I want to learn something extra apart from my academic curriculum.
  • I want to learn something side by side but my parents won’t allow me just because they want me to focus on my upcoming exams.
  • I want to explore new fields but there’s no place I can find where I can start learning from scratch.
  • I am too young/old to start learning something new.
  • I have the skills but can’t find a job.

When we created Early Seeker, we promised ourselves that if nothing, at least these problems are the ones that we will fix with our platform.

When we first started, we were already late entrants in this field. But what we did enter the market with was a lot of experience and a zeal to create a difference.  

“Never underestimate a late entrant – they get to start by learning from all of your mistakes.”

With such an idea, the presence of a brilliant team, and the trust of our learners, we have managed to build our very own platform that always focuses on long-term learner development rather than a short-term transaction.

Our Misson

To create leaders rather than just employees. We want our training programs to make our students proactive and prepared for all their future endeavours in such a way that they are recognized as the faces of this competitive age.

Our Vision

We envision a smart nation. Our platform aspires to promote “out of the box” thinking, equip our students with adequate learning resources, and popularize the concept of teenpreneurs.

About Founders

“If you don’t like how the table is set, turn the table over.”

From the moment I understood what it takes to get placed somewhere or find any kind of job, I realized that it’s not easy. Growing up, we plan so much for our future, but most of it just stays a plan only because we don’t have the right tools to execute these plans.

I always thought all you have to do to land your dream job is to finish school, finish college, apply to your favourite company, and that’s it. But so did everybody! With the amount of talent and the lack of opportunities we have, you always need something extra in your account to be able to stand apart from others. And that’s exactly what we’re trying to provide at Early Seeker.


Mr Taha Maknoo

Founder & CEO

I do not have any memories of when was I last happy or content with the education system we have in place. Growing up, I was always and forever distant from the set norms and the competitions that have been running their course all through. I had a different view of things, I wanted to experience the freedom of thought, I wanted to explore on my own with no constant and persistent nagging from behind. Much to my disappointment, I never saw that happening.

I never did let go that view, that zealous desire, I let that be ignited and kept stoking it, kept nurturing it. Thus, Early Seeker helps me to call a departure, a departure to let go the set norms and make an arrival due, arrival of the freedom of exploration, and liberation from the conventional methods and methodologies.

I am here, writing this so as to put across to all of you out there, that our initiative, our enterprise and our imagination is not about us, it’s about you, it’s about all the buds blooming out there. It’s to let them sought and seek on their, it’s about creating knowledge and not just taking up what already exists.

Early seeker aims to set new standards, and we would love you to extend your support and thoughts to take it new heights.


Mr Sahil Maknoo

Managing Director & Chief Experience Officer (Co-founder)


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