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With the current shifting paradigm of businesses globally, there's a need to identify these changing trends and devise efficient solutions for better business productivity. In the current global business scenario, qualities like quick thinking, unique problem-solving approaches, and multitasking are the most persistent. Being acquainted with Business Administration and Analytics not only gives you a deeper understanding of the international business environment but also introduces you to practical, creative, vocational, and entrepreneurial directions.

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Course Overview

Enrolling in a Business Administration and Analytics course can help you reap some of the most in-demand skills for your professional career. Along with giving you a step up in terms of professional development, our course will help with your communication, leadership skills, and teamwork.

Business Administration and Analytics is one of the most sought-after online management courses globally. Right from people that want to explore this field from the very beginning to anybody that needs polishing in their skills, our online Business Administration and Analytics course is meant for everybody.

Our insightful course is meant to fast-track your career in the field and help you excel in the art of starting and managing your own business ventures. Early Seeker aims to provide the learners a deep understanding of the different facets of management, from Finance to Marketing, along with communication and leadership skills as well.

Our Curriculum


This highly important module will lay the groundwork for this course and will walk you through some of the most crucial concepts for this course. These concepts include types of businesses, Products vs Services, B2B and B2C, Corporations and a lot of other concepts as well.

Business Economics

From Business Economics to Managerial economics along with its practical implementation and types, this extremely detailed module will walk you through every single concept in detail.

Introduction to Management

Explore the features of management, how it works in a Business environment and more in this module.

Business Communication

In this module, you will walk through the principles, channels and barriers to communication, whose knowledge is important for effective business functionalites.


Understand the significance of Finance in business and all the important related concepts along with exploring the principles of business management.

Business Models

This in-depth module will start off by introducing the Business Canvas Model to you. Further, you will also be learning the concepts of E-Commerce, Internet Marketplaces, Gig Economy, Offline/Online Models, etc.


Marketing is one of the most essential foundations of Business Administration, and we will make sure to familiarize you with it, by involving concepts such as marketing types, methodologies, implementation and even fields like Service Marketing and Digital Marketing.


Ecommerce is one of the key industries in this digital age. This module will walk you through the essentials of eCommerce along with how businesses the same techniques to cater to a mass audience.

Human Resources

HR, being the discipline that brings all the people in the company together, is an important part of management. In this module, you will be familiarised with concepts related to recruitment selection training and development.

Analytics in Business

This is the second section of our course where you will start by learning different data mining techniques, warehousing, databases, visualization, collection of data, and a lot more.

Data and Databases

With huge volumes of data to manage, businesses need to have a streamlined process with proper data management and safety protocols. That is exactly what this module will walk you through.

Meet your Instructor

Ms Ayushi Khandelwal has vast academic experience when it comes to Business Administration. She completed her BBA from Christ University and her MBA from SIBM Bengaluru where she has authored and published research papers in the field.
She has also worked with various brands such as Zoomcar, Impact Guru etc in the field of marketing and sales.
Her purpose for creating this course was to accustom the students to various business concepts and jargon and let them in the world of Business Administration and Management.

Ayushi Khandelwal

Finance Consultant

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What You Will Learn

A great first step towards exploring new positions in business management fields.

Identify and explain management functions, roles and responsibilities

Explore fields such as HR, Finance, and Marketing.

Explore concepts related to Recruitment selection training and development.

Explain human behavior and the elements that influence employee behavior.

Explore the field of analytics and understand the implementation of data analytics in management.

Who is this course for?

Our Business Administration and Analytics course is a gateway for the learners that want to build their skills in the field or pursue it ahead as a career. Our course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the field and thus could be learned by anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites to learn this course?
This course will get you acquainted with the field from the very beginning. Our course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the field and thus could be learned by anyone.
What happens after I finish this course?
What does the Business Administration and Analytics market look like?
What are some of the career options in Business Administration and Analytics?
What is the significance of Business Administration and Analytics?

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