Cyber Security Online Training Program (Ethical Hacking, Networking, etc)

Discover the fundamentals of Cyber Security. Gain the required knowledge, build your skills, learn the emphasis of Cyber Security in our day-to-day lives, and how you can better protect your digital life.

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Course Overview

The smarter technology is becoming, the higher the risks are posed. Understanding these security threats and vulnerabilities is essential to be safe online.
Our Cyber Security training program familiarizes our students with the basic terminologies of Cyber Security, and the numerous cyber attacks that everybody is prone to while being in cyberspace. The goal is simple - to invoke learning curiosity in our learners and develop a lifelong zeal to learn and continue in this field.

In this Cyber Security online course, you’ll be learning how to recognize online threats and vulnerabilities, and explore the steps you could take to curb these risks.

Course Curriculum

IT Terminologies - Servers, Number Systems, databases
Computer Networking and Communication Media
The backend of the internet
How and why Cyber Attacks happen?
Types of cyber attacks (with solutions)
Protecting yourself online
Exploring Cryptography
Cyber Laws and Regulations
Your Future in Cybersecurity

Meet your Instructor

Mr Janisar Akhtar, who bags 10 yr+ experience in the IT industry has completed his BSC (IT), MSc Electronics from Kashmir University.

After completing his Masters in Computer Applications, he started as a network security consultant, where he worked with multiple govt/private organizations and institutions to scale up their security.

With his industry expertise, knowledge and interactive skills, he welcomes you to this comprehensive Cyber Security course.

Mr Janisar Akhtar

Cyber Security Consultant

Certified Course

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Get certified by top national institutes that have partnered up with us and add it to your bag of value.

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What You Will Learn

Be familiar with the basic IT/Cyber Security terminologies.

Identify major types of cyberattacks and possess the necessary skills to prevent the same.

Get introduced to Networking basics (DNS, ISP, VPN, Servers, Protocols, etc.)

An insightful analysis of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing.

Be familiar with cryptography terminology, encryption, and its applications in general.

Be familiar with the Cyber Laws of the country.

Who is this course for?

Our Cyber Security course is a gateway for learners that want to build their skills in the field or pursue it ahead as a career. Our course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of Cyber Security and thus could be learned by anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites to learn this course?
This course will get you acquainted with the field from the very beginning. Our course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the field and thus could be learned by anyone.
What happens after I finish this course?
What does the cybersecurity market look like?
What are some of the career options in Cyber Security?
What is the significance of Cyber Security?

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