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Reporting updates, interviewing personalities, working on major interesting projects and case studies, appearing in the news, who doesn’t want that? Who knew entering this insanely growing field of journalism would be this interesting with Early Seeker?

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Course Overview

Our Journalism and Mass Communication course is single-handedly aimed towards enhancing your understanding of the global field of journalism. We have curated this course in such a way that it will introduce you to the ‘ethical’ standards for news-gathering processes and compile relevant reports with information collected from hands-on projects, issue exploration, and unbiased feedback.

You will also be taught personal ethics and morals to report news and other events. From understanding the communication models to learning the current media laws, we have everything for you. If you have ever aspired to become a journalist, your strongest suites would involve real-world experience, and obviously a foothold in the field. Our online Journalism and Mass Communication training program is going to take you on a long haul journey in the field and equip you with the most desired skills in the industry.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Communication

Understand what it means by proper communication, its significance in Journalism, its types and most importantly, how to make your communication effective every time. 

Mass Communication

This module makes you explore the meaning and characteristics of Mass Communication, its functions, feedback, and how to cater to a mass audience. 

Theories in Mass Communication

Explore the four eras of mass communication theory/Press theories in this comprehensive module.

Concept of Convergent Journalism

Introduction to different types of journalism, News elements and values, and a lot more.

Writing for Media

Witness different types of news reporting, where they are used along with learning how to report news for different media.

Media Laws and Ethics

Familiarize yourself with the important Media Regulations and laws, and explore the ethical media practices that keep the essence of journalism intact.

Extra Course Content

All the extra content in this course, including the downloadable content would be made available in this module.

Meet your Instructor

Kirti Gosain has varied experience in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication.

She has worked as an In-House Reporter with NDTV 24X7 and has anchored the lifestyle and trending news segments.

She has also worked with NDTV HOP Live as an Anchor and Producer. She has produced content for the young millennial audience that includes the production of documentaries, series on nutrition and fitness, news capsules, content on the election for the young audience, infotainment packages and interviews of well-known figures.

Kirti Gosain

Citizen Journalist

Certified Course

Our certificates are a seal of authority and proof that you are certified from Early Seeker. Each certificate is issued with a unique ID and date of issue. This helps us keep a track of the certificates that we issue and allow you to verify their credibility whenever needed.

Get certified by top national institutes that have partnered up with us and add it to your bag of value.

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What You Will Learn

Develop a strong understanding of different kinds of media and its behind-the-scenes

Gather real-world experience and a strong foothold in the field

Learn the best practices and ethical standards for newsgathering process

Familiarize yourself with the best news delivery methods

Create your very own exceptional journalistic portfolio

Explore your future career prospects in the field

Who is this course for?

Our Journalism and Mass Communication course is a gateway for learners that want to build their skills in the field or pursue it ahead as a career. Our course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the field and thus could be learned by anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Journalism a good career?
With the current intake of digital media globally, the demand for such fields has increased twofold. Amidst all this, Journalism has become a prestigious career for students, especially youngsters that are enthusiastic to enter new fields and meet new people. While Journalism is a challenging field, it sure is one of the most adventurous career options you can choose.
Why should students learn journalism from their early years?
What is the essence of Journalism?
Are there any prerequisites to learn this course?

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