Learn Python Online – An introduction to Python Programming

Python programming. We have all heard about it. But what exactly is it and how can we step into this field? With a growing community around Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, Python is the key to all these fields. At the backend, Python is considered easy to learn, write, and understand, making it possible for every beginner to seek a future in this field.

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Course Overview

Early Seeker’s Python programming course is meant to help you explore the fundamentals of Python in detail. We have curated this course in such a way that will allow you to discover basic programming concepts, familiarize you with the basics of Python syntax, and let you explore concepts like data structures, networked application program interfaces, and databases.

Further in this program, you will be acquainted with representing and storing data using Python data types and variables. You will learn how to use conditional and looping constructs, along with data file handling, and other advanced concepts in Python.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Python

Installation and execution of the first program in Python, Python Commandline

Getting Started
Python Datatypes
Python Flow Control
Python Strings
Classes and Objects
Python Date and Time
Python Files
Sets and Tuples
Inheritance and Overriding
Abstract Classes and Interface
Regular Expressions

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What You Will Learn

Install Python and write your first code in Python

Learn all the important concepts and how to use core programming tools

Use core programming tools such as functions and loops

Explore Database concepts, Lists Manipulation, Implementation and a lot more

Learn the practical implementations of Python with our project

Test your knowledge through quizzes and modules

Who is this course for?

Our Python course is a gateway for learners that want to build their skills in the field or pursue it ahead as a career. Our course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the field and thus could be learned by anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites to learn this course?
This course will get you acquainted with the field from the very beginning. Our course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the field and thus could be learned by anyone.
What are some careers in Python?
Why is Python so popular?
What are some of the applications of Python Programming?
What happens after I finish this course?

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