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Welcome to one of the cornerstone courses of our platforms. What makes this program special over the rest is that we believe personality development isn’t something that you’d just need in the growing years of your career, but throughout your entire life. It basically is a slab to your pillars of knowledge. The bold and promising your personality is, the dominant and memorable your presence seems in all kinds of situations.

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Course Overview

Our Personality Development training program covers all the fundamentals of building an effective personality. Right from helping you discover your type of personality to amplify the same, we would be walking you through it all.

With this course, not only do we help you discover how to build your professional skills, but you even learn to pursue others, come up with words that connect with others every time you talk, and help you pick the right tone for different scenarios.

Your etiquettes and body language play a major role in how others pursue you and how confident you seem. That is why we have included the same concepts for you in this course followed by emotional intelligence, enhancing your personality, building personal productivity and netiquette, and so many other interesting concepts that distinguish you from the rest of the crowd.

Course Curriculum


This introductory module lays the groundwork for this course and puts forward some of the most important definitions, the significance of personality development, and ultimately the determinants of personality development.

Types of Personalities

Identifying your personality type is important to understand how it influences your day-to-day interactions, your interests, and preferences, something which you will explore in this module.


Being a leader is far above over a job designation. Leadership takes distinct qualities, the ability to drive a crowd and of course, a good course of action. And that’s what you’ll understand to do in this module.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn about the four pillars of Emotional Intelligence and how you can improvise this quality in yourself to understand people around you better and help them confide in you.

Enhancing Your Personality

Understand how you can build your confidence, self-esteem, self-realization with this detailed module.

The Communication Process

Being one of the MOST detailed and insightful modules in this course, you will understand all types of communication along with how to deliver every word precisely and effectively in every conversation.

Managing Internal Communication

The tone of your voice, your body language, your sense of humor, or your ability to handle interruptions, everything plays a role in how you are pursued. This module discusses how you can improvise all these qualities in yourself.

Grammatical Competency

Revisit your fundamental Grammar principles with our interactive practical exercises.


Prepare for your professional endeavours by developing the etiquette for all digital communication (emails, letters), Conferencing Etiquette and Protocols, and Telephone Etiquette in this module.

Meet Your Instructor

Ms Writika is a professional public speaking and personality development trainer with four years of experience.

She is trained by British Council, India and Zeal Institute, Bangalore.  Her credentials also include 20+ courses from International Universities.

Having trained over 700+ students from various fields – corporate executives, working professionals, and students, Ms Writika worked with multiple ed-tech organisations as a soft-skills consultant and trainer.

Ms Writika Bhowmick

Personality Development Instructor

Certified Course

Our certificates are a seal of authority and proof that you are certified from Early Seeker. Each certificate is issued with a unique ID and date of issue. This helps us keep a track of the certificates that we issue and allow you to verify their credibility whenever needed.

Get certified by top national institutes that have partnered up with us and add it to your bag of value.

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What You Will Learn

Build a promising and an alluring personality

Dominate conversations of all kinds.

Be the most powerful figure in the room

Enhance your vocal skills and learn how to dynamically pitch yourself

Build your own personal productivity, confidence, and mindfulness

Learn how to communicate with the best possible body language and posture

Who is this course for?

Our Personality Development Training Program is a gateway for learners that want to build their skills in the field or pursue it ahead as a career. Our course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the field and thus could be learned by anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is personality development crucial for a student?
While the academic lifestyle and learning are very important for a student, a strong, well-rounded personality will be the most beneficial for your overall learning endeavors. Personality development is a necessity in all kinds of spheres and scenarios of life. Getting familiar with its fundamentals from the beginning is beneficial since the basic formation of a personality begins to take shape at a young age. 
How could personality development benefit me?
What are the concepts covered in this Personality Development course?
Are there any prerequisites to learn this course?
What happens after I finish this course?

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