Professional Certified Program in Cyber Security (Ethical Hacking, Networking, etc)

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About the Program

In this Cyber Security online course, you’ll be learning how to recognize online threats and vulnerabilities, and explore the steps you could take to curb these risks.

Recorded/Live Sessions

  • You choose the format, we deliver. Get one-on-one mentor sessions and regular interactions with guest lecturers.
  • With our recorded sessions for each course, you are in control of your own learning hours. All our classes have a live version as well that’s focused on more interactions and practicality.

Career Counselling

  • Unlock adequate placement assistance after you finish the program. Explore your careers in the field of Cyber Security.
  • Sit through some of the most interactive mentor sessions, lectures by industry experts and put your skills to the test with our mock interviews hosted by our industry experts.

Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Familiarize yourself with the most important terminologies of Cyber Security, and the numerous cyber attacks that everybody is prone to while being in cyberspace.
  • The goal is simple – to invoke learning curiosity in our learners and develop a lifelong zeal to learn and continue in this field.

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Professional Certified Program by Early Seeker

Our certificates are a seal of proof that you are certified from Early Seeker. Each certificate is issued with a unique ID and date of issue. This helps us keep a track of the certificates that we issue and allow you to verify their credibility whenever needed.

Get certified by top national institutes like Microsoft, that have partnered up with us and add it to your bag of value.

Course Curriculum

The smarter technology is becoming, the higher the risks are posed. Understanding these security threats and vulnerabilities is essential to be safe online. Our globally updated curriculum makes sure that value is being added to your journey of becoming an expert in this field.

Foundations for Cyber Security

To gain expertise in the field of Cyber Security, you need to set a foothold in the field and this module is exactly based on that.

IT Terminologies

With concepts such as Computer Networking, Servers, exploring Number Systems and managing databases, this is a very comprehensive module consisting of multiple lectures.

Computer Networking Essentials

Explore concepts such as web security, browser security, computer networking and communication models.

Exploring Communication Models

With models such as the OSI model, TCP model and other concepts, this is an essential module in this training program.

Network Devices

This module revolves around DNS, IP Addresses, masking them and a general overview of the BTS of the internet.

Emerging Threats (and Defences)

Spoofing, Sniffing, Phishing, its prevention, Deepfakes, Social Engineering, etc are just some of the many concepts discussed in this module.

Ethical Hacking

In this module, we will be focusing on the essentials of Cyber Security, where we will take a closer look at ethical hacking, MITM, Spoofing, Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection attacks and more.


To achieve your security goals, Cryptography is an important concept. This advanced module walks you through the same and discusses its functions.

Towards the end

Right from Cyber Laws to help you enter the right institutions based on your CyberSecurity skills, this is one of the most important modules in this training program.

Meet Your Instructor

Mr Janisar Akhtar, who bags 10 yr+ experience in the IT industry has completed his BSC (IT), MSc Electronics from Kashmir University.

After completing his Masters in Computer Applications, he started as a network security consultant, where he worked with multiple govt/private organizations and institutions to scale up their security.

With his industry expertise, knowledge and interactive skills, he welcomes you to this comprehensive Cyber Security course.

Mr Janisar Akhtar

Cyber Security Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any pre-requisites to learning this course?

This course will get you acquainted with the field from the very beginning. Our course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the field and thus could be learned by anyone.

What is the significance of Cyber Security?

Based on the rate at which information is exchanged in today’s world, the security of our devices is something that gets deteriorated very easily. In this regard, Cyber Security plays a significant role in maintaining the security discipline between computers and safeguard data and devices alike.

What happens after I finish this program?

Our mentors will still be in touch with the students after the completion of this course. During this time, they will guide the students to make the necessary choices in their career, provide them with regular learning material, and prepare them to enter the most suitable industries based on their skillset. 

What does the Cyber Security Market look like?

The cybersecurity market is growing exponentially without any signs of stopping soon. In fact, this market was valued at $156 billion in the year 2020 and is expected to reach $350 billion by the year 2026.

What are some career options in Cyber Security?

Irrespective of the industry, many jobs open up for cybersecurity professionals, including jobs in banking, educational, content management, and IT services. Some of the common job designations include Security Architect, Security Consultant, Certified Ethical Hacker, Penetration Tester, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Cryptographer, Security Engineer, etc.

Do I get any job assistance in this program?

We have a very successful job assistance program running at the same time. With every course, we voluntarily provide placement assistance to our learners.

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