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Certification Program in Digital Marketing

Live Sessions | Placement Assistance

Build expertise in the field of Digital Marketing and get placed at some of the biggest Digital Marketing agencies and companies.

Autodesk AutoCAD Masterclass

Live Sessions | Placement Assistance

Master the industry-leading CAD software and start designing your dream projects to find some of the best job opportunities in the field.

Data Science Certification with Python

Live Sessions | Placement Assistance

Write Python scripts, basic hands-on data analysis and explore Data Analysis in detail. Create your own data science projects and collaborate with other Data Scientists.




Rigorous professional training

Start learning from our experts over the course of 2-3 months

Exceptional Resume Build

Let our experts work on and build that exceptional resume for you

Find top placements

Getting trained at Early Seeker allows you to land jobs you always wanted

Why choose Early Seeker Placement Assistance?

Live Sessions

  • You choose the format, we deliver. Get one-on-one mentor sessions and regular interactions with guest lecturers.
  • With our recorded sessions for each course, you are in control of your own learning hours. All our classes have a live version as well that’s focused on more interactions and practicality.

Build a Social Relevance

  • Unlock the cheat sheet to build an alluring social media profile on LinkedIn, Instagram as well as Twitter.
  • With proven ways to help you socialize in the right communities, we ensure you are expanding your network and familiarizing yourself with like-minds in the industry.

Career Counselling

  • Unlock adequate placement assistance after you finish the program. Explore your careers in the field of Cyber Security.
  • Sit through some of the most interactive mentor sessions, lectures by industry experts and put your skills to the test with our mock interviews hosted by our industry experts.

Abundant Opportunities

  • While placements are the main focus for a lot of students, we also help our learners in finding internships in some of their favourite companies.
  • We have partnered with some of the top digital marketing agencies across the country to provide adequate interning and learning opportunities.

Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Familiarize yourself with the most important terminologies of Digital Marketing, and learn how to scale your brand.
  • The goal of our training is simple – to invoke learning curiosity in our learners and develop a lifelong zeal to learn and continue in the field of Digital Marketing.

Resume building made easy

  • We equip you with skills and build your resume for you, followed by sending it to some employers from top companies to review.
  • Our team of employers manually help build and review your resume to make it properly updated with the current industry standards.

How it Works?


Enroll in our Placement Assistance Program

As soon as you enroll, your training period of 3 months starts.


Get trained by our experts

With our dedicated mentors, our learners will undergo training in the form of mock interviews, counselling sessions, group activities, and a lot more.


Gather experience, even as a fresher

Enjoy and interact with our guest lecturers, employers and industry experts every week and gather personalized industry insights from them.


Find the best opportunities

After the training sessions are over and the resumes are built, we share your profiles with our placement partners and make you sit in all the rounds of interviews from your favorite companies.


Why join Early Seeker Job Assistance Program?

Early Seeker is one of the leading skill development platforms, encouraging students from all domains to explore new programs and domains. With the placement assistance program, Early Seeker aims to:

  • Bridge talent and opportunities
  • Help students find and choose among adequate opportunities
  • Promote an interactive mentor-student experience
  • Provide complimentary premium learning material
What makes me eligible in the Early Seeker Placement Assistance program?

A student needs to be pursuing at least a Bachelor’s degree or further at least along with having completed 10+2 examinations with at least 50% scores.

How do my training sessions look like?

Your training sessions last anywhere between two and three months where you are supposed to log in to your classes every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

How is my performance evaluated in the placement assistance program?

Every learner has their own analytical record that includes reports based on their performance in our regular tests, interactions, group discussions, attendance and attention in the classes throughout the entire program.

How do I start with the program?

To get started, all you have to do is Talk to our Consultants or get in contact with us directly. From there, our team guides you with the further steps required.

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