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Planning to appear in competitive exams? Logical Reasoning and Aptitude Training is what you need the most.




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About the Program

In this Logical Reasoning training program, we will focus on building your reasoning skills, verbal ability, and enhancing your data interpretation skills.

Recorded/Live Sessions

  • You choose the format, we deliver. Get one-on-one mentor sessions and regular interactions with professionals that have cracked these exams.
  • With our recorded sessions for each course, you are in control of your own learning hours. With a live version as well, we have focused our sessions on more interactions and practicality.

Career Counselling

  • With our team of professionals, you get access to some of the most efficient solutions to crack your exams. Unlock personalized tips for every exam type you have.
  • Sit through some of the most interactive lectures by industry experts and put your skills to the test with our mock interviews.

Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Familiarize yourself with the most crucial and potential concepts of Logical Reasoning and Mathematical Aptitude.
  • The goal of this training program is simple – to invoke learning curiosity in our learners and help them crack all the exams they plan to appear in, in the coming future.

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Course Curriculum

From Alphanumeric series, Blood Relations, Series & Sequences, to Syllogism and Statements & Arguments, our course will make sure to cover everything you need to excel in your next competitive exam.

Introduction to Logical Reasoning

Being a foundational module in this training program, the groundwork for your training will be put in this module.

Series and Sequences

Explore the importance of Series and Sequence in your logical reasoning program and what these concepts signify.

Alphanumeric Series

Along with the Alphanumeric series, you will also learn Reasoning Analogies and concepts like Odd one out in this module. This is an important module to build your base in this field.

Blood Relations

Being an essential concept in logical reasoning, Blood relations is also one of the most interesting topics in our course, and we have made sure to keep it that way.

Logical Discussion and Analysis

With essential concepts like Calendars, Clocks, Cubes, and Dices with proper numerical illustrations, this is a practical module that you will find really interesting.

Non-verbal Reasoning

In this module, you will explore methods to solve questions based on Images, diagrams etc.


Being an integral part of logical reasoning, Syllogism has a lot of significance, and we would be walking you through it all with our interactive questions, previous year question papers and extra course content.

Interdependent Concepts

This module features all interdependent concepts in Logical Reasoning that include Statement and Argument, Statement and Conclusion, Cause and Effect, and a lot more.

Towards the end...

All the extra content in this course, including the downloadable content would be made available in this module.

Meet Your Instructor

Mr Ishfaq has ample experience in Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Aptitude. Being an instructor in multiple institutions, he has completed his B. Ed and M. Sc mathematics from the University of Kashmir.

During his academic years, he closely studied the various aspects of logical reasoning, general and quantitative aptitude and has conducted many lectures in the same field to his growing student base.

With his professionalism, interactive teaching methods and a plethora of questions for you to solve, Mr Ishfaq welcomes you to the other side of this amazing logical reasoning course.

Mr Ishfaq Wani

Logical Reasoning Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any pre-requisites to learning this course?

This course will get you acquainted with the field from the very beginning. Our course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the field and thus could be learned by anyone.

What will this course provide me?

Along with a detailed walkthrough of the entire field, we will also train you in solving complex reasoning questions with the simplest and most clever tricks. With our numerical and detailed analysis of all concepts, we will be acquainting you with logical reasoning from start to finish. 

What happens after I finish this program?

Our mentors will still be in touch with the students after the completion of this course. During this time, they will guide the students to make the necessary choices in their career, provide them with regular learning material, and prepare them to enter the most suitable industries based on their skillset. 

What are the applications of Logical Reasoning?

Logical reasoning tests the ability of a candidate to use structured thinking for the sake of deriving the most suitable answer from a problem. Not only does it help you in your competitive exams, but it also amplifies your logical thinking and helps you come up with the best kinds of solutions to the most complex problems.

Do I need Logical Reasoning in my academic years?

Absolutely. When you prepare for any competitive exam, you have to prepare so many concepts together that you can’t practically decide where to start. Logical reasoning is a vast field that needs preparation from the very beginning, and that’s what we prepare you with. We lay the groundwork in this field for your future, so that you don’t find this field hard while preparing for your competitive exams.

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